WordPress Customization

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What is WordPress Customization?

Nothing makes a site feel like improving your personality more than its look and feel. WordPress is the right platform, where a little effort will make your site as unique and individual as you are. Dewberry helps you modify your WordPress installation as per your business needs.

Service Quality

Dewberry has hired domain experts for all the platforms to transform your current website. Our experienced professionals have in-depth knowledge of different formats that helps us to retain the original flavour of your website. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with product/service quality.

Customer Support

Each project at Dewberry is reviewed by a team of experts to ensure complete functionality. The project will be delivered to you only after proper testing. We use previews and real-time collaboration to meet the deliverables and exceed your expectations with cost-effective and high-quality solutions.

What we do in WordPress Customization?

You can customize everything in WordPress with us, from simply stylizing and adding ready-made plugins, to creating custom plugins and themes, into even modifying WordPress itself. In other words, we apply our custom ideas to WordPress Core Template.