Solution Design

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What is Solution Design?

In the Software Development Lifecycle design phase is an integral part, and just like any other stage in the process, it involves producing quality artefacts. In this, we generate the Quality outputs like Business Requirement Documentation (BRD) and other artefacts which are essential requirements for superior, smooth-running processes.

Solution design consists of designing the blocks. The initial high-level design will need to be governed to confirm that it adheres and can be mapped to the overall Solution Design. The high-Level design will then need to be elaborated into a detailed design.

High Level Design

High-Level Design (HLD) refers to the overall system design. HLD includes the description of system architecture, database architecture, a brief description of systems, services, platforms and relationships among modules. So basically we are putting the business idea into a visual form to get a complete understanding of the Idea.

Low Level Design

Low-Level Design (LLD) is like detailing HLD means it refers to each and every small and big component-level design process. It includes actual logic for every system component and goes deep into each modules specification. It converts the High-Level Solution into a Detailed solution.