Resource Outsourcing

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Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO)

Human Resource Outsourcing refers to a process in which a company or employer utilizes the services of external providers which take care of its HR functions. It helps an organization to reduce cost and increase time efficiencies and improve services to their employees. It helps organizations to focus on internal resources towards doing what they do best and simultaneously helps to control the bottom lines.

HRO combines the duties of human resources services, payroll services, and brokering services, the advantages are generally found in a unique and tailored treatment for your business since every company have their specific requirements so they can contact HRO as per their needs and increase the efficiency of their business. Trending nowadays as many large firms are getting their HR activities done by third party suppliers and contractors. Employee hiring, training and development and maintenance of statutory records are the usual functions contracted out to outsiders.

Application Service Provider

HRO specialise in providing hardware and software applications to support organisations with their services, Service includes Technical support, installation etc… Third-party vendors have developed application packages (CRM’s, ERP’s, Database Support (SQL Server, Oracle etc..)) for supporting human resource activities in an organisation.

Business Process Outsourcing

Usually In BPO’s (Business Process Outsourcing) the client directly interacts with the employees through call centres or support centres. Large Firms generally operate in many countries so they opt for BPO and employ a large number of people. So Managing a large no of people would be more beneficial if hand over the power to the service providers.

Total HR Outsourcing

In some cases of outsourcing, the Organization will hand over its HR function to the service provider. So In this case client organization usually hires a single HR professional to manage the service provider and there would be no specific HR department in the organisation.